Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hot Rocks! Work in Progress

Here is another little experiment with the underpainting of Neocolor II wax pastels. Instead of using my beloved Prismas, I am trying the Coloursoft's by Derwent. They seem to do better on the pastelboard. Not as crumbly and you don't have to sharpen as often. And they don't seem to have such a waxy build-up as the Prismas. However, the set I have of Coloursoft only has Indigo and Black for darks, so I have had to use the Black Grape, Black Cherry, and Black Raspberry colors from my Prismas.

The first pic is the 5 x 7 pastelboard with my transferred sketch and the Neo's colored on.

Second pic is after water has been brushed onto the Neos.

Third pic is my progress so far. I know you should never let 'em see you sweat, but this one has been a challenge. For one the Orange is really intense, secondly I'm not familiar with the Coloursoft colors and what they can do. But now that I have most of the "naked" orange covered, it looks like it might pull together at some point.

You will have to stay tuned in the next couple of days to see......"Will she pull this one off?"


hbedrosian said...

Judging by your last photo, I'd say you'll definitely pull it off! It's very interesting to see how you've progressed on this piece.

Fannie said...

Of course you will pull this one off, just like you do with everything you do! I'd say you're quickly becoming an expert in Neocolor II.

Do you like the Coloursoft pencils?

Catherine said...

Yes, you will ! Thank you for sharing your work in progess. The last photo is already beautiful, I long to see the completed work !

Beth Macre said...

You are already pulling it off! Looks better ever time I see it. Do the prismacolors work as well as the coloursofts?
I just ordered some neo's and a couple different kinds of pastelboards to experiment with. What kind of board do you use?

Katherine said...

Wow that is orange is really ORANGE!

It's good to see a work in progress for this use of Neocolours II - progress is looking really good

Cindy said...

Thank you Holly! As much as I complain I really like the challenge of wondering if it will turn out as I have envisioned.

Hi Fannie, Thanks for your confidence. I do like the Coloursoft very well for the pastelboard. I haven't tried them on paper yet.

Hi Catherine! Thank you also for your confidence. Hopefully I'll finish soon.

Thank you Beth! I actually prefer the Coloursoft to the Prismas for the sanded surface. I never thought I would like anything better than my Prismas.

Hi Katherine! So nice of you to "pop in". It's good to see you.
Yes, this shade is really "Oh, my gosh" Orange. Thanks for your comments.