Saturday, January 5, 2008

H2....Uh, Oh

6 x 8" colored pencil on Stonehenge

Just for fun! Many of my students have drawn this piece to learn complementary underpainting. Each of the segments was started with its complement to do the shadows (except for the purple "pie"'s complement, yellow, just wouldn't have enough value to provide shadow material.)
Underpainting colors (Prismacolors)
For the yellow pie I used Dahlia Purple and Black Grape for shadows
For the orange pie... Blue Slate and Indigo Blue
For the red pie...Dark Green
For the purple pie...Black Grape and Indigo Blue
For the blue pie...Pumpkin Orange and Burnt Sienna
For the green pie...Tuscan Red


Catherine said...

Just for fun but very, very, well done, Cindy ! Thank you to share informations about your way of working and the colors you are using, it is always very interesting.

Paula Pertile said...

Oh, this is so cool! I love it!
Love the title too.

Fannie said...

Great title, excellent teaching tool. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

Thank you Catherine. I'm glad you like the info about the colors.

Thanks Paula, I'm big on goofy titles.

Thank Fannie, One thing I wasn't pleased with was the Orange pie. I probably would use Black Grape and Black Cherry if I wanted a richer shadow color. The Slate Blue sort of left it blah....

The other thing I learned is to use the complements only in the shadow areas. Use the pure colors in the light areas.