Thursday, March 17, 2016

More Display Space

East wall of my studio with new hanging "system"

My studio neighbor Sean being a good guy

No painting today, but it was productive. A couple of weeks ago I was explaining to my studio neighbor, Sean Doherty, my idea for display/drying racks for my paintings (instead of lined up on the floor.)

He said he knew just what I was looking for. Yesterday he made a trip to the hardware store and returned with four 10' lengths of 5/8" J-trim, used for drywall.  A pocket full of screws, a level and an electric drill/screwdriver made this functional and beautiful "system" for me. About $16 worth of materials and a Chipotle gift card for payment of labor. 


Sue Marrazzo said...

Looking Good!!!

hannah jane said...

What a neat blog! And the J-trim is such a great idea! I am definitely going to do the same thing in my craft room.

Debbie said...

What a sweetheart he is!! Dry wall J trim...I never would have known this existed! haha... it looks wonderful, and just right to hold your paintings.