Wednesday, November 25, 2015


4 x 4" oil on panel
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Short day at the studio today. Had to make a grocery store run before everyone else had a chance to get out of bed. Probably the biggest grocery shopping day of the year. I tried to go last night but the parking lot was jam-packed and unappealing.

And...I was driving home last night and pulled up next to a police car. In my mind I was wondering if he would stop me for some small infraction - like a headlight I just had replaced and hoped it was working, or my tags - MY TAGS! From the deep recesses of my mind came a memory of seeing the little white renewal card come in the mail, and then having my emissions done - in September. Fortunately, I had two more days to get the renewal done without penalty. So I took my place in line at the DMV and waited patiently for a half hour to get 30 seconds of the clerk's attention. Done.

I could be ready for a little lime, salt and tequila about now. It's tequila-thirty somewhere.

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