Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ruby Red 2 and Leaning to the Abstract

"Ruby Red 2"
8 x 8" Oil on Canvas Panel

Last week I spent a couple of days in Santa Fe with JunieB and we did the Canyon Road gallery walk. We were looking for inspiration, a spark of creativity to fill up my parched well.  We were there in 2006 and it seemed there was a lot of traditional art - realism, impressionism. This time however it seemed color and contemporary art was the art du jour.

There seemed to be new textures - torn canvas wrapped on a support, tea bags, old ledger sheets, old sewing patterns. It was fascinating!

I took notes and hit Meininger's Art store when I came home. I bought oil bars by Winsor & Newton Oil Art Bars, china markers, and various other new fun things.

This painting was a makeover of an older painting, just for an experiment, but I loved playing with the abstract shapes and the lines of the marker.

A new path to travel for a few miles.

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Rolina said...

Before you know it, you will be snowed under with lots of strange art materials - beware, mixed media is addictive!