Sunday, July 13, 2014

Big Old Apple

"Big Old Apple"
5 x 5" Oil on Panel
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Painting shown in a suggested virtual frame
I tricked myself into painting today. I told myself I would just block in the apple...then I told myself I would just paint the background...OK, then just the shadow....until the painting was done.  It felt SOOO good when I finally put the brush down. I have to remind myself that it's a building process and I can take small steps.


Beth S Macre said...

And it looks sooo good! If my real apples looked that good, I would eat more of them! :)
So glad you have time to do a little painting. I've been thinking of you and hope that you are doing well. Hugs to you!

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Interesting how one thing can lead to another! And you can't beat that feeling of satisfaction when you're done. I love the splashes of green on the apple - makes the whole thing pop!

Vanessa said...

Hi Cynthia! I haven't popped by your blog in a while and I feel like there is so much beautiful work to catch up on!

I find that often happens to me as well when painting. You just have to go with the flow if time allows, I always say it's just your soul getting what nourishment it needs. If it's hungry then it needs more... and we keep painting :)

Your work is just a beautiful as I remember.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

This is a wonderful painting. I went back over your blog and really enjoyed it. You experiment and share. I am now a follower!