Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tomato on Glass Plate

"Tomato on Glass Plate"
5 x 5" Oil on Gessobord
Scratching the Surface Series
On Exhibiton at Abend Gallery
I had so much to do at home, but decided I really wanted to paint.  Took me forever to decide on "what" to paint, but I think this turned out well.

JunieB and I hadn't been to lunch in forever, so we went to the little empanada restaurant a few blocks away and had a great lunch.

I had tried to get an appointment for a pedicure at Aveda first thing this morning, but they were booked until next week???  I noticed a new nails place right next door to the restaurant with a "Walk-ins Welcome" sign.  Great pedicure for much less than Aveda charges.  Serendipity!

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Janine Aykens said...

Such a beautiful, glowing tomato...and you've really captured the transparency of the plate!