Sunday, July 1, 2012

So Hot!

The heat has been oppressive to say the least.  While we are fortunate the fires are a good ways away from us, the heat and low humidty have made for some uncomfortable days and night.  Most vegetation has been baked, including my pansy pots on the patio. 

 While the larger pots seem to hold their own when watered daily (sometimes twice), the smaller pots just can't keep the heat out and the foliage looks like someone torched it.

No A/C at the studio means I paint at home.  I tried to paint at the studio last Wednesday and I managed to take some still life photos before I threw in the towel.  My brain shuts down at a certain temperature I'm sure.

These two small oils were painted on Friday here at my dining room table, just to get back into my routine of oil painting.  I've been working on pastels for a few months now.  I did have a major "wipe off that Gessobord surface..that's a horrible painting" moment halfway through the session, but regrouped when I was back to a blank surface staring back at me.

So happy and comforting to be back at my oils.....

"Granny No. 2"
5 x 5 Oil on Gessobord

"Sublime Lime"
4 x 4 Oil on Gessobord


Vanessa said...

Beautiful still life studied! How do you determine what background colours to use? You ways achieve a nice harmony

Kim Rempel said...

Sublime Lime is fantastic!