Monday, July 25, 2011

Continuation of Apple and Ribbons

This was my stopping point today. Most of the background and the bowl is in.

This was where I started today, just the underpainting.

The steps I took today to take this painting, 9 x 12 oil on gessobord, was to

- rub down the dry underpainting with some walnut oil to get the board to accept new paint smoothly.

-put a little glob of Indian Yellow on the bottom half of the painting and wiped it down. Gives me a "glow-y" effect underneath the top layers.

-painted the background it's final color (transparent red oxide and french ultramarine blue), and also the shadow areas of the bowl.

-started with laying color in the copper bowl, being very careful not to alter my value structure

-painted the apple, shadow first, and then the highlight areas

Hope you are enjoying my little "dog and pony" show!

Stay coooooooool!


Colleen Brown said...

Looking great Cindy!

Dean H. said...

I certainly am enjoying the show, Cindy! Thanks for sharing.