Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pitcher and Tea Roses - Work In Progress

This piece is 10" x 10" on Wallis White Sanded Paper using NuPastels, and a few Ludwigs.

Initial Sketch and Blocking of Light and Shadow
At this point the sketch is used mostly for placement
on the paper.

First Layers of Color

More Detail on Pitcher and Blocking in Rose Colors
(Light Sides and Shadow Sides)

This work in progress is to help illustrate moving from non-specific to more specifics and details. I don't paint details until near the end. The next specifics will be the roses, and then the leaves and finally the doily.


hbedrosian said...

Cindy, I really enjoy the insight into your process, and this is looking to be another beautiful piece! Are you working from a reference photo or from life?

Cindy Haase said...

Thanks Holly! I set the still life up in the studio, but as you can probably guess the roses died in about a day and a half. So I am painting the pitcher from life and the roses from the reference photo...sort of!