Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teacup and Apple Blossoms - WIP

"Teacup and Apple Blossoms" work in progress
10 x 16 pastel on paper

More work today, adding color, smoothing things, adding some atmosphere. Really warmed up and toned down the pink today. I have one apple blossom in....we'll see how that goes tomorrow ;-)

My friend, Kate, sent me a question regarding my comments from yesterday about the drawing and why I would wait until the end to true up and worry about symmetry. Great question Kate! Thought I would share the answer with others.

As you add in layers of pastel color and "mush" edges of objects you often times lose the accuracy of your drawing. To check symmetry I draw a series of light pastel pencil lines (for example, one vertically down the center of an object and then measure side to side to make sure the edges are equidistant from the middle.)

No matter how accurate your original drawing is you will lose a good deal of it painting a still life in pastel. I wait until almost the end of the painting to "true up my drawing" because by that time most of the painting consists of small tweaks and the integrity of the drawing is easy to hold on to.

Thanks Kate, great question.....

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hbedrosian said...

Wow, Cindy - the colors and contrast are so beautiful. Looks like an award winner to me!