Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fun Week at the Studio

Another picture of the studio with my space on the right. Two other artists are on my left and one more is on my right. There are 8 of us in all.

My dear friend June is across from me at the studio and we try to paint together whenever we can. She is an awesome artist and I so appreciate the energy she brings to our studio experience. Her painting is red silken shoes and purse with a gorgeous fringed drape.

"Cream and Sugar" 12 x 18 Pastel on Wallis (Work in Progress)
Struggled with the flowers all day yesterday and today....till about the last 20 minutes and then I seemed to make some progress. I was trying too hard to "render" them rather than "paint" them. I also sketched in some flutes and put more color on the orange sugar bowl, as well as working on drape in front.


Beth said...

Hi Cindy! That is so cool to have studio space and to be able to work with other artists! Wish I lived closer. I love your energy.

Deborah Younglao, Silk Painter said...

Yes it must be great to work with other artists - all that creative energy in the room...

I really like what you're doing with the white jar. I'm not sure if you've finished with the flowers, but I like them as they are now, without too much detail.

Meisie said...