Thursday, March 5, 2009

Folded Patchwork in new Star Quilt

Working to stock my 1000Markets shop with quilts....traditional, cottage and art between painting/drawing and traveling to Portland this weekend for the spring meeting of CPSA's Executive Board. (I hate packing! Can't wait to be just beamed to a travel location!)

This small quilt is approximately 14" square and was such fun to make. The patchwork is folded and in some places where you expect a seam, there is a fold! When I return from Portland I will try to show a little bit about how this was constructed.

The title will be "Old Town Star" and may become my icon for my 1000Markets' Littleton Studio shop. I'm working to get it hand-quilted right now, hoping to get it in my store next week.

The blue marks are from a watersoluble marking pen and will come right out when finished. I usually spray my quilts and block them on a towel. Love that puckered look of a "hand-washed" quilt.

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~Barbara~ said...

I haven't been to your blog, but I was just looking around and came upon it.
the little quilt caught my eye.I really like this little quilt. Quite unique. I would appreciate it if you show how it gets the fold. Love the pocket look.
I made a Cathedral Window Quilt for a Queen size bed some years back and it has always been my favorite. Would really like to have another favorite again.