Thursday, October 23, 2008


Pumpkins 11" x 14" pastels on Ampersand Pastelbord

This has been my class project for the last 2 weeks....and I will be finishing it up next week. There are some areas I need to brush off as the pastel got too thick on the sanded board.

Again the object of the exercise is to utilize light and shadow to reveal the form. I need to fix my pumpkin sections on the large pumpkin...the creases don't really get that dark.

I did the drawing with NuPastels (they are hard and you can use them more like a drawing instrument than the chunky pastels.

The really cool dried stem WAS attached to the pumpkin when I picked it out in the produce section, but my helful checkout person ripped it off for me! I couldn't get "Stop" out fast enough. She thought I was making a pumpkin pie...ha! Little does she know, cooking a pumpkin pie for me is preheating the oven and opening a Sara Lee box. I've been known to screw that up!
But I got the stem in there and I quite like what it adds to the design.

Next week I will post the finished piece.


Beth said...

Hi Cindy! Love the pumpkins! You are doing a beautiful job with them and the pastels. I just love the shape and textures and colors of pumpkins. They are really cool. I can't believe that the checker at the grocery pulled off the stem! They should realize that people buys pumpkins for their shapes and decorative value too, not just for cooking!

Marsha Robinett said...

Beautiful work. I'll bet your heart stopped when the checker riped off the knarly stem! You've done such a nice job with 'feels' like fall.

I know what you mean about 'baking' pumpkin pie. My daughter is a pastry chef and the closest I get to making a pie is to remove it from the box! Shameful, I know.

Cindy said...

Hi Beth! Thank you. I will speak up next time before they have a chance to deface my art ;-)

Hi Marsha! I see you have survived your summer art show circuit. You're a hardier person than I. I'm trying to get my husband to agree to turn the kitchen into an art studio. Nothing else happens in there, it seems like such wasted space ;-)

Karen Hargett said...

Hi Cindy,
I love the pumpkins - great colors and shapes. I had to laugh when you were talking about the checker - some people can be too helpful. Gosh I can't believe Thanksgiving will be here before you know it - this painting puts me in the mood.

Jeanette said...

These pumpkins are fabulous Cindy. The lighting and colour is beautiful. You have the Midas touch :)

And yes, checkout people have been known to rip off the carefully chosen leaves and stems on fruit to 'help' me...

Cindy said...

Hi Karen and Jeanette! I'm so behind on my comments....thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.

I've learned my lesson. I will be holding onto my fruits and vegetables if I'm going to paint them. The checker can just look but not touch. :-)