Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sooooo Close to Being Done!

The stems and leaf are in, a hint of a table top on the left, all that's left is a few measly cherries, and a little work on the reflections. But I've had a ton of other projects on my plate, and I still need to get my taxes together. Hubby is getting impatient with me.


Barbara Pask said...

I just wanted to tell you that your work is amazing. I just can't believe what you can do with those colored pencils. Barb

Cindy said...

Thank you, Barbara, for your nice comments. I love my colored pencils....they've been very good to me.

I visited your blog as well and have bookmarked it to come back and see what lovely piece you are working on next.

Catherine said...

Oh, Cindy, this is absolutely wonderful ! You are so talented, the contrasts are excellent.
Take your time with your ton of current projects and, please, continue to enchant us with these beautiful works !

Fannie said...

Almost there, Cindy! Looks great as is.

Regina said...

Stunning detail! I wish I lived closer so I could take your class. Maybe we'll have to plan a trip in CO around the time of one of your workshops.

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Hi Cindy! It's my first time reading your blog, so I'm a bit behind on the background of this piece. It looks like you did a complementary underpainting. It really looks terrific!!

I was hoping to get mine done for CPSA, but I didn't realize (wasn't paying attention I guess) that it was due by the 31st. Doubtful I will have it done by then. Oh well, guess I'll pay better attention next year.

Joyce Washor said...

Thanks for visiting my site and Wow!
You are soooooo talented! I will send you an email I have something to ask you!

Cindy said...

Thank you Catherine! I so appreciate your feedback.

Thanks Fannie! I have liked this one at almost every stage. Usually I don't really "get good vibes" until they are close to done.

Regina, I do hope you can get to CP for a would be so fun to meet in person.

Cindy said...

Hi Nancy, welcome to my blog! To answer your question about the underpainting. The shadow colors were complements, but the midtones and lights were just a darker color of the color family. Does that make sense?