Friday, December 21, 2007

Classic Tomatoes

Classic Tomatoes (7.5" x 11) Colored Pencil on Brown Colorfix (12" x 16" Framed)

These juicy little guys were from our local Wild Oats produce. I tried to incorporate as much color into the "white" cloth as possible.
There's something about fruits and vegetables that just intrigues me. I'd rather draw/paint them than eat them. I am a choco-holic!


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful piece, Cindy! :) all of your colors.



Cindy said...

Thanks Rebecca! I'm so glad you were able to stop in and take a look.

I need to get back to my miniature work ;-) I've been busy doing some fiber pieces....but my pencils are calling me.

Hope your holidays are wonderful.

Fannie said...

They certainly look juicy. Now, if they were strawberries dipped in chocolate, yummmmmmmmmmm.

Cindy said...

Or bananas dipped in chocolate...we used to go to this big corporate Christmas party where they had this giant chocolate was spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Whatever art makes you happy.

I stop by to see what you're up to periodically :) (I'm a proud subscriber ;) )

Thanks - I hope you and your family have a very special holiday season, too. :)

(Oh...the chocolate... One of our galleries brings out one of those fountains at receptions... It seems like there is chocolate dipped everything by the end of the show. ;) )



Beth Macre said...

Love your tomatoes! Isn't it wonderful to have two mediums to go back and forth to. Keeps things interesting.
BTW, I'm a chocoholic too!

Catherine said...

So am I. I'm just back from a Christmas Market where I found chocolate, chocolate paste, drinking chocolate, chocolate cookies, ... yummi !

Your tomatoes are beautiful and the way you depicted their juicy texture as well as the white cloth makes me speechless ! Congratulations !

I wish you a Merry Christmas !

Cindy said...

Yes, Rebecca, I agree with "whatever art makes you happy". Too many desperate years in a stressful corporate job to not be happy doing my "life's dream". I hope we meet one of these days.

Hi Beth! I should have known I liked you too much for you not to be a choco-holic. Yes, having multiple media to work in keeps life interesting. I actually enjoy the creative process more than working in any particular medium.

Hi Catherine, chocolate paste sounds intriguing! I would have spent all my money at a Christmas Market like that. Thank you for your kind remarks about my drawing of the tomatoes.

Sue Steiner said...

I love your tomatoes! I often shop for produce by how pretty it is too! If you see me examining some produce very closely it is probably to see if I want to paint it or not! LOL! Your work is beautiful.

Cindy said...

Thank you Sue for stopping in, and thanks for your comments!

My favorite are peaches, pears, and cherries. Sounds like fruit cocktail :-)