Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Colors of Cabo

I have finally uploaded the pictures I took in Mexico. My photography skills are not all that skilled, maybe that's why I became an artist. I see so much more than when I view the photograph later. But here are two that I thought were of interest.

This first one is from the Cacti del Mundo in Cabo. It was a lovely botanic garden of nothing but cactus. This little number caught my eye, as it looks just like plaid material (the quilter in me made this observation). Nature is so diverse and incredible in its creations. One has to wonder what purpose the plaid pattern serves! I would have loved to stay longer at the cactus garden, however, we were on the tour bus and under tight time constraints. I think one of my biggest fears was missing the darn bus and therefore the ship.

The second is the restaurant in Cabo del San Jose where June and I ate. Lovely, colorful patio. Wish we would have had more time to linger in this quaint little village, but again the tour bus thing. Don't do the tour bus thing!

Almost everything manmade in Mexico is colorful, even the cemetaries, where family members have built little structures in bright hues around the graves. Maybe they paint with beautiful colors because the terrain is so brown and dusty?

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